Très Pratique Photo

Students of Theology

We are currently engaging with a number of people who are on the path towards being leaders of faith. If you are in such a position or at any stage of studying theology then we would love to hear from you.

Young people often get a tarred with the brush of lacking commitment and not being able to see past their own noses. Laments of an increasingly secular society made of individuals overly concerned with their own well-being are not uncommon. These stereotypes paint a picture that does not inspire much faith in people or community - we don’t believe that picture is either interesting or accurate.

People and community are central to the photography Très Pratique Photo engages in. From an agnostic position we are seeking to engage with students and early career theologians who are on the path towards being faith and community leaders. We’re sure there is a diverse set of experiences out there that tell interesting stories about commitment to people, faith and community.

If you are on such a journey then we’d love to hear your story and may arrange to take your portrait.

N.B. - During the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic we are restricting this project to a research phase in which we are developing the project by speaking with potential participants. We will only engage in taking the portraits when it is safe to do so and the restrictions are eased.