Très Pratique Photo

So, why choose us?

The approach we have at Très Pratique Photo is to keep things simple, understandable and human. There are lots of photographers to choose from out there with varying styles and confusing prices. We take away the stress and create an experience that allows you to be your comfortable and natural self.

Our Style

Whether it's in your home or a favourite location, our aim is to take pictures that are as personal and unique as your family is. Many photographers will follow a fixed approach, taking almost identical images of clients in a generic environment, making everyone look the same. We are careful to avoid taking photographs using a repetitive formula or pattern, adapting our photography for your specific needs.

Our Costs - keeping things clear

Many photographers like to advertise a low cost for the act of taking pictures with costs for processing and digital files as sneaky optional extras. This approach can be confusing and unnecessary. We will always be up-front and honest about the way our pricing works and what you can expect from us. Click through to the next section to contact us for more details.

What our clients say

We’ve had the pleasure of taking photographs of some lovely people. Below is a selection of some of the great comments we’ve received.